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Selos is a screenshot editing tool with handy custom region capture mode. For starters, it has a unique feature that allows you to control the region of the screen or area you wish to capture. Once selected, this can be scaled to the preferred size. It’s then quite simple to save captured photos to the clipboard or other applications.Selos contains tons of various popular image formats and size options. It can set other regions to capture separately, or keep them unselected.When the app is launched, it shows up as a small panel. However, that doesn’t last long, because it quickly fades away and pops up a window for capturing.The interface is a bit cluttered and looks like you’ve been using it for some time. No matter how many or which clicks are done, Selos will always return to the same area. If you don’t want it to show up again, you need to click on the menu button, go to Settings and turn off the feature called “auto-launch”.Once the process is over, you’ll have a bunch of pictures of your chosen region.Pics of your region are saved in the Dropbox folder, or sent to the clipboard if you’d rather use it there.A free alternativeSince Selos was tested using.NET 4.0, modern iterations of Windows usually come with it in the default set of features. You can simply install it from the Windows update window, or in case you’re on older versions, you can use the portable installer.The only real downside of Selos is the fact that it doesn’t automatically save captured pics to the clipboard. That can be done only by providing a special set of hotkeys, so the feature is actually useful. Moreover, taking into account that Selos requires the.NET Framework to work, it might not be as effective or dependable when the app is running on older versions.Selos is still a good option for quick screen captures. The price is reasonable and it’s reasonably easy to use. Still, it’s not the best choice if you’re looking for a more robust screenshot taker, but don’t want to go too deep.3D Object ViewerD2XDate: 30.11.2008Words: 3243D Object Viewer (D2X) 08929e5ed8

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